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"Wings of a Dove"


Tribute to Ginny

She's here I know.
I catch her out of the corner of my eye,
resting in her hammock,peeking around behind me.
I hear her I know,
just a rustle now and then,soft as soft can be and I turn,
she is out of sight but winking at me.
She came to us you know,
from fields afar,picked by a dear friend,
she came with such charm,quietly stealing into our hearts.
Do I hear her again? Yes,I'm sure that I do.
Tucked safely in my heart,does it show?
She's here I know.
author:Karen Grant


Sweet,Dear Tippy,
Who leaves me too soon,
for those fields of Dreams
and Rainbows too.
Return to your friends in your
field so free,where I once found
you there,
Dear Tippy,Sweet Dreams.
author:Karen Grant

"Porthos Farewell"

I see you both from where I'm at
A very grateful rat at that.
A tower of strength you've been for me
for with your love you set me free.
No more to suffer but free to roam over fields and clover this Rainbow's wove.
So don't you fret for I am fine, and memories I leave you, that gift is mine.
"For Kristin, Hugh, & Musketeers Two"
author:Karen Grant

"Sleep in sweetness dear Athos "

Itís time my little friend to take a trip this day,
To be with me who has waited and made your way to be safe.
Donít fret your way my little friend or worry for those you leave,
for in their hearts youíll always be forever with me safe.
"For Kristin, Hugh, & Musketeers One"
author:Karen Grant

In Rememberance of the Little Friends that have left us all too soon.

Baby: Black-Hooded Rattie 1/95: Owner-Billy
Jack:  Hairless Rattie  12/00:  Owner-John

BoB:   Dumbo Rattie  1/01:  Owner-Bella
Sharley: Rattie 1/01:  Owner-Virginia
Kylian:  Rattie  1/01: Owner-Virginia
Stiles:  Rattie  6/01: Owner-Virginia
Sascha:  Siberian Husky 1/4/01: Owner-Steve and Sue
Lucy: Rattie   4/8/01: Owner-Kristin (and my niece )-*: )
Isabella: Blue-self Dumbo Rattie 4/23/01: Owner-Bella
Rafael"Raffy":  Rattie  5/28/01:  Owner-Virginia
Ginny:  Rattie   7/01: Owner-Kristin (and my niece )-*: )
Tippy:  Rattie  7/01: Owner-Virginia
(¤ Virginia's ratties and Kristin's girl Ginny were from the group of ratties rescued at Heber Downs ¤ )
Hoody:  Rattie   Feb. 9,2000 - June 3, 2002 Owner-Kristin (and my niece )-*: )
Patches: Rattie   June 4, 2000 - January 9, 2002:  Owner-Virginia
Wilbur Wrat:  Rattie   October 10, 2000 - March 25, 2002:  Owner-Dave
Reebok Wrat:  Rattie   March 2002:   Owner-Dave
Knight and Spot:  Heber Down's Ratties   March 2002:  Owner-Virginia
Ramekin "The Bear":  Rattie;  July 2002 : Owner-Robyn
Fey and Pooka:  Rattie sisters;  July 2002;   Owner-Kristin (and my nieces )-*: )
Feynman Ratster:  Beloved Blue Hooded Rattie:  1/01 to 7/02;  Owners-Al & Carolyn
Sydney:  Rattie;  August 2002;  Owner-Missy
Avroe:  Rattie;  9/7/02;  Owner-Virginia
Woody:  Rattie; 9/25/02; Owner-Bella
Pixie: Beloved brother of Feynman Ratster: Rattie;  9/30/02: Owners-Al & Carolyn
Motely: Rattie; 9/02; Owner-Robyn
Lauren: Dumbo Rattie;(mother to my sheep);10/14/02; Owner-Bella
Dusty:  Rattie; 10/14/02; Owner-Virginia
Izabel: Huskie Rattie; 10/01/02; Owner-Jorunn
Boo-Boo: Rattie; 10/18/02;  Owners-Kristina & Mike
Ratapon: Rattie; 10/19/02;  Owner-Lou
Timber (father to Lauren and grandfather to Arabella and Laurel); Rattie; 10/02; Owner-Bella
Liam & Newbie; Rattie; 11/02; Owner-Bella

Stu! :   Rattie;   Owner-Kristin


Pixie:   Rattie;   Owner-Kristin


Badger:  Rattie;  December 25, 2001 - December 18, 2003  Owner-Virginia


Tesla:  Rattie:  9/10/04;  Owners-Al & Carolyn


Porthos (One of the Musketeers):   Rattie;   Owner-Kristin


Athos (Second of three Musketeers):   Rattie;   Owner-Kristin
Aramis (Third of the three Musketeers):  Rattie;   Owner-Kristin


Lamington:   Rattie;  Owner-Robyn & Al
Schnapps:   Rattie;   Owner-Robyn & Al


Basil, Bean, and Biscuit (The b-boys):   Ratties;   Owner-Kristin and Hugh


"Sully" (one of the s-boys):   Ratties;   Owner-Kristin and Hugh


Silver:   Rattie:  4/4/09;   Owner-Kimberly
Capt. Morgan:   Rattie:  4/16/09;   Owner-Kimberly


Angel:   Rattie:   5/24/09;   Owner-Kimberly


Lily:   Rattie:   6/5/09;   Owner-Carolyn & Al

Emma:   Rattie:   6/29/09;   Owner-Carolyn & Al


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Dove animation by Moss Brook Arts