Nicky and Toby

Two siamese , the biggest of four,
have two little sisters and all are adored.
One fella so quiet, the other on the go,
Nicky and Toby such sweetness, such joy!

author:Karen Grant

Nicky and Toby at 4 weeks old
Meet our cute Siamese dumbo eared boys, RR Nicky and RR Toby.
The boys are just 4 weeks old in this photo, and came to be with us around December of 2003!

More photos of Nicky and Toby, both as little ones and all grown up, can be seen here below.

Toby:"Hey what's behind the horse".
Nicky:"Don't know, but he carrys a nice little bed to lay on."

"Awww..Nicky, aren't we cute? Look adorable for the camera now"

The boys all grown up!

Toby:"Yeah Ma? You wanted me?"
Nicky: "Oh no, more picture taking."

"Now don't we make perfect bookends!"

In memory of Nicky 11/19/02 - 3/5/04 (see on left),
who left us much too young.