Mina and Chloe

Meet the new babies SR Mina and SR Chloe.
These sweeties are the newest addition to our kuddles.
SPR Mina is a blue self Dumbo doe and her sister
SPR Chloe is a blue mismarked berk Dumbo doe.
Both have the sweetest personalities.
Mina and Chloe's parents MSR Sebastian and SR Saffi
are both residents of Spiralrat Rattery in Washington.

Mina  at 6 wks old 2/01

Mina at 6 weeks old

Another photo of Mina at 6 wks.old

Another view of Mina at 6 weeks old

Chloe at 6 wks old 2/01

Chloe at 6 weeks old

Mina and Chloe 6wks 2/01

Mina and Chloe at 6 weeks old

Sweet Sisters

Mina and Chloe sweet as can be.
Two little sisters who live here with me.
Came from afar to be with us here,
Mina and Chloe so precious,so dear.
author:Karen Grant