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KuddlyKorner4u's Cool Rat Site AwardOur brand new award for 2001

The Kuddles love to get and give awards. If you have a site devoted to the proper care, and love of pet rats, why not apply for one of the Kuddles Awards.Just e-mail us with your url, the name of your site, e-mail address,and what you would like the Kuddles to especially see at your rattie site.Please allow us time to browse your site, as we do enjoy looking through them.

Please note that The Kuddles do continue to visit and follow the sites that their award has been presented to. So if your site should change and reflect poorly on the care of pet rats, you may find that your link will no longer be addressed here.

Award Winners for 2008

Amy's Rats(Amy is located in the United Kingdom, and makes reasonably priced hammocks for rats.)

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