"KuddlyKorner4u's Musicbox"

"Cotton Jenny"


Jenny at 1 year old
This is Jenny,also adopted at 1 year old ,and a cage mate of Annie.
Jenny appears to be an agouti mismarked berk.
Quite lovely. She has a shy matronly personality,
and watches out for Annie's safety,that is,
until Annie tries to steal her stash of treats.(-:

A Matron's Watch

Here I rest quietly from a nites play,
The princess is up at the top of our cage.
Do I hear chirps or squeeks just a sound?
"The Boys" are awake,they are up I hear now.
Up I must go to the top of the cage;
to always make sure that my Princess stays safe!
author:Karen Grant

Our Lady In Waiting Jenny Sweet Spice was called to The Rainbow Bridge by her Princess Annie, Old Lace, after living to a wonderful age of 3 1/2 years. The is our tribute to our Sweet Spice.

Lady In Waiting, Jenny Sweet Spice

Come Lady In Waiting, My Jenny Sweet Spice,
Your work there is done, so wing your way high!

Tis I Princess Annie, that comes to you this day,
Your Old Lace to Sweet Spice, glad to see your sweet face.

Away we must go now, Jenny Sweet Spice, to that Bridge
full of color, that Rainbow up high!

(Fare thee well, Jenny, kind soul. Our sorrow knows no bounds.)-*: )

(Lady In Waiting, Jenny Sweet Spice: 6/99 - 12/23/02)
author:Karen Grant