The World of Rats

I have included here a listing of some of the books and texts that are available on or about rats. Most of these books can be obtained by ordering on line from , E-books, or at your local pet store.


Author:H. J. Tomlinson (Illustrations by Joanne Bella Hodges)
Visit Rat Planet to learn more about these very cute E-Books.

Author:Cutter Hayes
Illustrations: Cutter Hayes

Visit the RMCA website to read this moving story "The Mouse Knight"

Rats: A Complete Pet Owners Manual

"Rats: A Complete Pet Owners Manual"
Author: Carol Himsel Daly, DVM

I especially wish to thank Carol for the acknowledgement she gave me in her book, and for including a couple of my tips in the care of rats. This is a great book for novice rat owners.
This book may be found at and in your local Pet store.

Additional Books available through

Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents
Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents: Clinical Medicine and Surgery
Authors: Elizabeth V. Hillyer (Editor), Katherine E. Quesenberry, eliza Hillyer

Handbook of Rodent and Rabbit Medicine
Handbook of Rodent and Rabbit Medicine, 1e
Editors: Kathy Laber-Laird , Paul Flecknell , Michael Swindle (Editor)

Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents
Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents
Author: John E. Harkness, Joseph E. Wagner

Exotic Animal Formulary
Exotic Animal Formulary, 4e [Paperback], 2012
Author: James W. Carpenter