Beanie 11mos.old

"Wild Man"
Beanie seen here at 11 months old. Why the alias "Wild Man"?
I guess you could say he has a mind of his own,
independent and lovable at the same time!

"Wild Man"

He'll chase and he'll wrestle,do jumps and give squeaks.
Eat Yums that you give him,and begs for more treats.
Climbs high on my shoulder to ride about town,
and squeaks rather loudly when he is put down.
Wild is my Beanie,until he wears out;
then curls in my lap to sleep the day out!
author:Karen Grant

Rat of the Month Award 5/01
This award was presented to Beanie in a photo contest on Arsen and Nic's site.
Arsen and Nic's Ratty Homepage. Beanie was very honored!