Awards Received in 2001

Rues Place 2/01
Rues Place
Ratamania 3/01
Arsen and Nic's Award for Creativity 3/01
Arsen and Nic's Ratty Homepage
Arsen and Nic's Ratty Rescue Award 3/01
Arsen and Nic's Ratty Homepage
Superior Rat Page Award 4/01
Our Rattie Page
Golden Rat Award 4/01
Bellaratta's Nest
(very unexpected!(-:)
Calypso's Award for Blue Brillance 5/01

Silver Fuzz Rattery
Great Rattie Site Award 5/01

Ratkin's World
Fudge's Award for Web Site Excellence 5/01

My Pet Rat's
6/01 Fabulous Website Award

Ridges and Rats
6/01 Rats O'Hooi's stylish website award

Ridges and Rats
8/01 Rats O'Hooi Website Creativity Award

Ridges and Rats
8/01 Ratamania

8/01 Tabitha Award

Angela's Rat Page
8/01 Bob,Ken and Dash Nifty Rat Site Award

Rock-a-bye Ratties
10/01 Pink Binkit Award for Web Excellence

Meet Gypsy The Red Chihuahua
Thankyou card from Gypsy 10/01

Gypsy The Red Chihuahua
11/1/01 Missy's Shakin' em up award

Five Furry Fuzzbombs
12/01 Federal Bureau of Rats

Federal Bureau of Rats