Awards Received in 2000

Spiritje Award.Presented (7/00)

Eva's Rat Page
The Wererat's Award for Cleverness(8/00)

The Wererat's Lair.
Rat's O'Hooi's Great Rat Art Design (9/2)

Ridges and Rats.
Bellaratta's WOW What a site.(10/10)

Bellaratta's Nest
Award for super ratty websites (11/6)

Emily's Rats.
Arinella's Rats & Morakullan's Mice 12/1/00

Arinella's Rat's & Morakullan's Mice.
Moonstarrattery 12/2/00

Moon Star Rattery.
La folie des rats (12/4/00)

La folie des rats.
Sara's Rat Site (12/4/00)

Sara's Rat Site.
Leigh-Anne's Rat Page (12/5/00)

Leigh-Anne's Rat Page