Award Winners for2002

Ratamatat.(Meet Hopie and the Finks, a cute rat site!)
KoseRotta Tamrotter(Visit Kristin's cute site from Norway!)
PETRAT.CA(A brand new site chocked full of neat rat links!)
Curiosity Rats(Very informative site, sweet ratties, and offers Q & A section about rats as well.)
Fat Rat Central(this site has been on the web for four years and provides accurate pet rat information to people thinking about having rats, new to rats, or those who have had rats for a long time. )
Pet Rats Canada (This is a site designed not only to help Canadians looking for ratteries, adoptions, rat rescues and products located in Canada, but has a section on rat care and easy directions of how to make a rat playpen!)
Excalibur Rodents(This site from Australia is well designed and very rat informative. Lots of very interesting things to see and read.)
Mousini's Planet (Visit Clivia's site. A wonderful unique rattie site.)
Rat House (Visit Azrael, Indra and Safin and see what cuties they are, submit caption ideas for their pics,too.)
Animal Luvs (Ann has just put up her website to share her love of ratties and animals. Do visit!)
dimension 6011 Rattery (Visit Iris's site and see ratties playing basketball, also view her diary on rat pups.)
My Ratty Page (Check out Susan's cute rattie photos of Spiffy and Evelyn.)
Rat Planet ( has loads of useful info, as well as Adult and Children's E-book stories about rats by H.J.Tomlinson, with art work by Bella.)
Rat Rage(Visit Brittany's cute rat pages)
Rats R Us(Visit Lauren's site and see the info she has on socializing.)
Rotteslottet(Meaning Rat Castle, this site is written in Norwegian, and shows real cute photos of their ratties.)
TAILSPINZ RATTERY(Small rattery located in St. Louis, MO. Specializing in Dumbo rats with sweet temperments and excellent health.)
Cathy's Rats (Come visit Cathy's site and see some real cute pictures of her rats and the newborns.)
Australian Rodent Fanciers Society-New South Wales (Come visit the Home site for Australia's Rodent Club and read all about them.)
Little Dickens Rattery (Rattery located in Portland,OR.)
Spoiled Ratten Rattery (Rattery located in Kansas City, Missouri.)