Award Winners for2001

Rues Place.(Lots of interesting rattie info)
Astounding Rats.(Meet Meryl and Fern and learn about the care of rats and other small pets)
Ratamania.(Meet Miyuki and Fuyume,read how these two sweet ratties arrived in London.)
Arsen and Nic's Ratty Homepage.(Visit these ratties Arsen and Nic.Cute photos.)
Our Rattie Page(Meet the Krawczyk rattie clan from the UK and see pics of Dax,Rollie,Dominoe and Spike.)
My Pet Rats(Visit Karen's site from North Wales and see wonderful photos of her Himalayan and Dumbo ratties.)
Alienrat(The Home Page of this site shows an alien rat in a space ship.Just the cutest.See Sab's cute ratties.)
Virginia's Rat Page(This site is a wonderful resource for all rat lovers. Virginia also has photos of the rats she rescued at Heber Downs in May 2000.)
Silver Fuzz Rattery (Not for profit Rattery located in Dorr Michigan.Dayna offers photos of her litters as well as her Giant Gambian Pouched Rat "Bristol".)
Ratkin's World (Visit Tania's site and enjoy pictures of her boys Patch and Buttons.)
Raisin Rats' Rattery (This rattery is located in Muskegon,Michigan.Missy's site has cute pictures of infant rat development as well as care information.)
Visit Tamara's Site (Cute site from the netherlands.)
Ferret Cove Rattery (Look for photos of their up and coming litter.)
The Rat Patch(Visit Jessie and the girls.)
The Rat Palace(Visit Erica's site for some general tips on rat care,cute pics and more).
Bella Karm Ratties(Located in Bloomington,Indiana .This site shares their Breeding Practices,housing and Mission Statement with the reader.)
RooBear Rattery (This rattery owned by Rachel is located in Ithaca,New York.)
Angela's Rat page (Meet Tabitha and read Angela's Journals)
Blue Velvet Rattery(Gabriel's Blue Velvet Rattery is located in Grand Rapids,Michigan)
Rock-a-bye Ratties (Ann and Emma's small rattery located in Rockhampton, Central Queensland, Australia)
Meet Sylvia's GYPSY ~ The Red Chihuahua(A large, creative site about the adventures of a cool Chihuahua from Southwest Virginia named Gypsy.Gypsy,though not a rattie was given a special award for being so cute.She is an honorary rattie.:-))
Love for Rats(Visit Jamie's site, meet Jewel& Barney and Teddy Bear)
AM Rattery(AM Rattery located in Georgia,focus' on health and temperment.Marianne and Amy also rescue,rehabilitate and rehome.)
Visit the Five Furry Fuzzbombs(great rattie photos and lots of info)
The Rat Retreat! (See Kendra's sweet rat photos.Follow the ratties around the site with your mouse.)
TeDeas und Janders Paratties(Visit Nicole's rat site. This rat site is done in German)
Federal Bureau of Rats(Visit this very clever site. Hosts all the info on ratty crimes and is just as cute as can be.Looking for rat cursors? Try this site, they're great!)