Arabella and Laurel

Meet BN Arabella and BN Laurel.Both are 6 weeks old in these photos.These two little girls come from Bellaratta's Nest Rattery.Their Grandpa RRCL Timber, Grandma MRC Isabella, Daddy TTR Nicholai and Mommy BN Lauren can all be seen at Bellaratta's Nest

BN Arabella 6 weeks old

BN Arabella, Platinum/Silver Dumbo with ruby eyes.

BN Laurel 6 weeks old

BN Laurel,Platinum/Silver Dumbo Rex(with Blue undertone..both mother and father are Blue Dumbo)with ruby eyes.(that's Arabella peeking out from under the leaves,in case you hadn't guessed.)

Arabella and Laurel at 6 weeks

BN Arabella and BN Laurel..Aw such sweeties they are.

Sisters so Cute

Two little sisters as cute as can be.
What a surprise! Traveled home with me.
Arabella and Laurel sweet Dumbo girls,
have joined our family,how lucky are we!
author:Karen Grant
In memory of Laurel 7/2001 to 2/2003